Saying goodbye: The under-discussed experiences of high school students


Vasily Koloda via Unsplash

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to a close, seniors anticipate the end of their high school careers and reflect on their personal experiences.

Allisa Pandit, Innovation Manager

As students wrap up their final year of high school, seniors have taken their last few days as an opportunity to reflect on their years at PV. While various events have commemorated sports and academic achievements, the individual experiences of individuals are hardly discussed.

While some chose to pursue a sport, others spent their high school years participating in various clubs and organizations. Years of work simply end as a new chapter of the class of 2022 begins. 

Senior Will Fairman was a two time Spartan Assembly Executive Member. Serving a great leadership position on PV’s student council, he quickly embarked on a leadership-filled journey. “Leaving Spartan Assembly left me with immense communication skills and leadership capabilities to guide large teams in achieving a complex goal,” he said.

Over the past four years, students have formed deeper connections with staff personnel at PVHS. Whether teachers help students after class or act as a support system to their students, teachers have created a memorable high school experience for their students. Senior Chloe Isbell reflected on the importance of building connections with her educators. “I’m going to miss the ability to get close with my teachers. Throughout high school, I’ve found that I learn best from teachers that I’ve built more of a relationship with,” she said.

No matter their extracurricular activities, seniors can agree on one thing for sure — high school changes all. Whether it be one’s physical appearance, mental health or friend circle, all are constantly changing as individuals endure their last few teenage years. 

Senior Kris Basnet reflected on his influential senior year. “Senior year was a monumental time in my life. Out of all my high school years, senior year definitely had the most highs and lows of my life,” he said. “The people I met and the connections I made are definitely some I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Not only are seniors undergoing a bittersweet end to their high school careers, but they are also leaving underclassmen friends they have acquainted over the years. Junior Sumika Thapa spent her junior year befriending a large group of seniors, constantly hearing, “What are you going to do after they graduate?”

Thapa said she first became friends with a senior in her geometry class freshman year, so the fact that seniors are leaving in a few days does not feel real. “As this year has progressed, I have been reminding myself time and time again that the class of 2022 has very limited time at this school,” she said. 

“Despite the reminder of seniors’ last day of school, the times I have spent with them felt limitless,” Thapa continued. As mere freshmen entering PVHS, students wondered how long it would take for the next four years to pass. Now that students have reached the ending point, they reflect on their high school careers and the bright future of the class of 2022.