Best local coffee shops


Shravani Inampudi

Some of the best coffee shops are the ones in the Quad Cities area.

Shravani Inampudi, Copy Editor

Most high schoolers are very familiar with caffeine and need it to kickstart every morning. In the Quad Cities, some of the best coffee shops are the local ones. Here is a list of the five best coffee shops in the quad cities. 

1. Atomic Coffee Bar

It is no surprise that Atomic has made this list. Here at PV, it is hard to walk down a hallway without seeing one of their brightly colored drinks in the hands of students. Though it is best known for its energy drinks, Atomic also has a variety of coffee beverages and teas. Inspired by west-coast trends, the drive through aspect of atomic allows customers to quickly get in and out with their drink of choice.

2. Coffee Hound

Coffee Hound’s drinks are very popular among students. Coffee Hound offers a variety of drinks including traditional coffee beverages, energy drinks, smoothies, shakes and more. This coffee shop is best known, however, for their inviting atmosphere. They welcome pets, especially dogs, and are always giving out dog treats.

3. Coffee Apothecary

Coffee Apothecary has been open for less than a year, but its impact on the community has been huge. This Bettendorf coffee shop brings a much different atmosphere than most coffee shops. It features a unique medical theme which includes drinks such as “Plague Doctor” and “Vertigo.” They account the amazing quality of their drinks to the small-batch syrup suppliers that they have. Though not the most popular coffee shop among PV students, this coffee shop brings a unique experience to everyday coffee goers that many are sure to enjoy. 

4. Coffee Revolution

Coffee Revolution is a highly-rated coffee shop, and its popularity has come from their variety of yummy caffeinated drinks. From monster energy drinks to a variety of teas, they have a large selection for customers to choose from. However, their menu is different from others because it has black radish tea which has been locally blended. All of the drinks in this section are detox drinks. 

5. 392Caffe

392Caffe definitely has the ambiance of a new coffee shop. This Davenport coffee shop offers both coffee and tea. They also have a food menu featuring subs, burritos and bowls. They also have a seasonal menu which currently features drinks such as a golden chai and honey lavender. 

These coffee shops not only offer amazing coffee and other drinks, but they also feature ambiances that are sure to leave customers in a great mood. They are both trendy and welcoming. There is no better place to enjoy a drink of one’s choice while supporting local businesses.