Girls soccer looks to continue success into the post season.


D'anne Kroemer

The Spartans senior-lead women’s soccer team looks to make a run into the post season.

Owen Gannaway, Sports Editor

After going a respectable 11-5 overall and 7-1 in the conference, the Pleasant Valley Spartans women;s soccer team has once again won the Mississippi Athletic Conference (MAC). Now, the team is looking to make a run back to the state tournament again. 

The Spartans just completed a strong regular season campaign, and now their focus shifts to the post season ahead. The team has been putting emphasis on a couple key focal points at practice, one chief motive to drive them, and a positive attitude and atmosphere surrounding them as they work to meet their goals in the weeks ahead.

First, the team looks to continue improving during each practice. “In order to have success in the next couple weeks, there are a couple of key aspects that we want to work on,” said senior midfielder Adelaide Wolfe. “First, we are stressing the importance of communication and working together as a team. We also have talked about holding each other accountable and taking each opportunity seriously. Finally, we want to bounce back after Muscatine to implement the hard work we have been putting in.”

The Spartans’ recent encounter with Muscatine was less than optimal; however, it gave the team a great opportunity to see what needs to be improved. It also gives the Spartans motivation to get back to work and come back ready for sub-state. 

Junior goalkeeper Libby Kamp spoke about another chief motives for the team. “Now we have reached a point in the season where we must go into every game as if it could be our last, and battle it out to ensure that it is not,” she said. 

Finally, the Spartans’ head coach Ed Knupp is very positive and excited for what is in store for the team. “This is a great time of year for Spartans, especially the seniors who have led us to this point. We have worked hard to get better everyday so we can be playing our best soccer here at the end of the season,” he said. “I’m looking forward to a bunch of great games in the tournament.” 

The Spartans women’s soccer team has a lot to look forward to as they begin the postseason. It will be a hard fought road, but after the team’s superb preparations, they will be ready for anything that stands in their way.