School lunches seniors will not miss



Chicken mashed potato bowl is one of the most beloved lunches at PVHS.

Parker Paulson, News Editor

When it comes to school lunches, some are pretty good, while others are pretty gross. None are great except for the occasional Chic-fil-A day or Papa John’s pizza. With seniors graduating this week, here are some lunches that seniors cannot wait to never ear again.

Spicy Chicken on a Bun

Starting off the list, spicy chicken on a bun is tolerable, but pretty spicy. Almost a little too spicy. With a large amount of ketchup, this sandwich goes from pain to just okay, but it is still not good enough to make it off this list.

Mandarin Orange Chicken

The chicken itself is great. The sauce that they have concocted to put on the chicken is wonderful, but it is unfortunately quickly brought down by the rice that is slapped on the paper bowl before the chicken. I think if the rice was better this would probably be one of my favorite lunches at school.

Potato Soup Bowl

There are a couple of lunches at Pleasant Valley that I am scared to even try. The potato soup is one of them, and it is unfortunate that this is a new lunch introduced this year. Maybe it’s great, but I just can’t trust it.

Mini Turkey Corn Dogs

This small snack that is considered a meal is slightly tolerable, again with lots of ketchup. If anything, I wish there were more than just four in a batch. It’s criminal that if you want more than four little pizza-roll-sized turkey corn dogs you have to pay the extra two dollars for a second meal. It’s just not worth it.

Mac N Cheese

You know when Dairy Queen flips the blizzard upside down before serving it to you?

French Bread Pizza

In addition to this school year, there was a new addition in which pepperoni french bread pizza was added to the list. Every single time french bread pizza day comes around, I always think the same thing. You know, maybe this time it won’t be that bad, as I take two and move on to grab my drink. I then sit down, take one bite and instantly regret my decisions. Yet, for some reason, every time I keep going back.

Mozzarella Sticks

The stars always align on mozzarella stick day. I don’t know how it happens, but every other line is taken up with the most abominable choices known to man. There’s mini turkey corn dogs in one line, mac n cheese in the other, then potato soup bowl on the other end. No matter what line you take, it’s a bad option, and today you decide to just give up and take the mozz sticks. About three cups of marinara sauce will make do for this cardboard, and trust me, you’re gonna need it.

Overall, school lunches have a special place in my heart. There were some days where a good school lunch was all I needed to turn my day from bad to great, and vice versa. With seniors leaving this school, they will walk away with countless stories from the sacred cafeteria room. Although these are the lunch options that will definitely not be missed, Pleasant Valley school lunches will continue to amaze and feed the mouths of students for years to come.