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Five Do’s and Don’ts with New Years’ Resolutions

2023 New Years’ Resolutions, and how to keep them.

Karin Fowler

2023 New Years’ Resolutions, and how to keep them.

Karin Fowler, Sports Editor

The year 2023 is officially here, and that means it’s time for resolutions. However, on average only about 9% of people keep their resolutions. Here are some tips and tricks on what to do in order to keep your resolutions. 


1. Planning

Do Not: Pick the first resolution that comes to your head

Do: Put some thought and analysis into it. Come up with a few ideas and different ways you will work to achieve those, from there pick the best one for you personally. 

In 2014, it was reported that 23% of people forgot about their New Years’ Resolutions. This might spur from a lack of thought or passion towards it. Try and come up with something that you feel like you really want to work towards. That might mean putting in some prethought to your resolution

2. Keeping Track

Do Not: Wait to look at your progress till the end of the year.

Do: Slowly track your progress in steps throughout in order to make sure you are staying disciplined with your goal.

Making time each day to track your accomplishments is one method to help close this gap. According to a research released by the American Psychological Association, people are more likely to succeed if they routinely assess their progress. So if you are trying to lose weight,track your progress at the end of each week in order to stay true to your resolution.

3. Setting Challenging Yet Achievable Goals

Do Not: Create a goal that is too hard for you to achieve or something that is too simple that it isn’t even worth making it your resolution for the year.

Do: Challenge yourself enough that you will be able to see improvement without changing who you are completely. Also cut yourself some slack at times, you don’t need to be super hard on yourself. 

Making goals a proper balance between achievable yet challenging can be a difficult middle ground. Stay away from “Be” goals that are not always obtainable. For example don’t say be fit or be skinny or be rich. Replace those with working out three times a week, and eat only 1500 calories a day, and save 10% each month. Help yourself when you can. If you have a little cold, a minor injury or a financial emergency, don’t put so much pressure on sticking to the exact specifications of your plan. The basic truth is that any effort toward your goal is preferable to doing nothing.

4. Overly Specific or Too Vague?

Do Not: Set resolutions that aren’t concrete or don’t reflect a solid plan. Simply saying you will eat better or meditate more is too vague to the point where the resolutions lose meaning. 

Do: Come up with a specific plan and goal. For example, limit yourself to a certain number of calories a day, or meditate every day for fifteen minutes before bed. 

Resolutions have too often been something that reflect what society deems you should change in your life. However, without much specificity, it can leave you to not stay true to your goals and ultimately lose interest or not keep up with them

5. Health

Do Not: Just focus on your weight and working out

Do: Look into other unhealthy habits in your life and how that can help with your weight.

The two of the top resolutions for 2022 are to live a healthy lifestyle with 23%, and lose weight with 20% of people. The increase in calorie intake and appetite that can occur when you are sleep deprived may be prevented by getting enough sleep. Numerous studies have revealed that those who are sleep deprived claim to have a greater hunger and consume more calories on a regular basis.