Top QC Prom Photo Ops


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As prom comes around the corner, take advantage of these various photo opportunities.

Cheyenne Meeks, A&E Editor

Prom is a time to enjoy oneself and have fun with friends. From picking a dress to reserving seats at a restaurant, the rituals involved in this dance are relished by upperclassmen. With prom just around the corner, many students have to prepare in advance for taking pictures. So when deciding where to take photos, keep these locations in mind.

Downtown Davenport

Downtown Davenport is the perfect place for a more urban, trendy feel. Tall, brick buildings and beautiful greenery lining the streets make the entire area a photo studio. During darker hours, the warm lighting from the surrounding buildings, shops and restaurants create a nice ambience for prom photos.

Miss Effie’s Country Flowers

Everyone has different styles and desires for their prom photos. If the urban setting isn’t for you, Miss Effie’s Country Flowers is a farm in Scott County that has a nice garden, country aesthetic. The vibrant flowers, grasslands and farmhouse is different from your typical prom photo destination, but it is just as good.

Ben Butterworth Park

Located in Moline, Illinois, Ben Butterworth Park is a great location for nature-themed photos. The park is situated next to the Mississippi River and a bridge that can be seen in the background of photos. The park is one of the best places in the Quad Cities to watch a sunset, so getting to the spot before it gets dark would make for great prom pictures.

Schwiebert Riverfront Park

Another great place for sunset photos is the Schwiebert Riverfront Park located in Rock Island, Illinois. With a lot of open green space, a view of the Mississippi River and a bridge, you can customize your photos with different backdrops. 

Vanderveer Park

A highly favored location for any kinds of photos, Vanderveer Park in Davenport, Iowa, is one of the most popular portrait locations in the Quad Cities. The greenhouse, rose garden, large fountain and tree-lined walkway are some of the unique features that many people can take advantage of. The ivory pavilion and botanical features of the park make this place an excellent and classic choice for prom-goers.

Figge Art Museum

You can always spot people from school at the Figge Art Museum on prom day because it is such a popular destination for group and individual photos. In particular, the staircase situated at the back of the building is guaranteed to be crowded. The steps and the giant glass wall is simple, clean and modern, and the fountain next to the building offers opportunities for nature photos as well.