The magic that went into Midnight Memories


Allyson Lineburg

The social committee setting up for the 2023 prom, Midnight Memories.

Grace Sherman, Student Life Manager

A night full of memories, dressing up and dancing, prom is a school tradition celebrated nationwide that is awaited by high school students every year. 

From 8 to 10 p.m. Pleasant Valley High School hosts the school’s prom at the Davenport River Center. This year’s theme was “Midnight Memories,” created by the school’s social committee. With DJ’s, drinks and photo booths, prom is  the last big celebration for the school year and for many, the last celebration in high school. 

For seniors, it’s the last time to dress up for a school event held solely for the purpose of having fun and celebrating with your closest friends. Many people look forward to this event and all of the fun preparation that leads up to it. With this being said, there is a lot of behind the scenes that goes into the perfect planned out night.

Apart from individual preparation, many people are unfamiliar with what goes on behind the scenes of planning the event itself. Senior Allyson Lineburg has a large part in planning prom as a leader of the social committee. Starting the planning 2 months in advance, she has been hard at work to make sure this night is a memorable one. 

“During the first meeting in March, we all discussed and threw out ideas, including colors we want included at the dance, and things we could change from the previous dances. Once these colors are picked, we start to discuss themes and go from there,” Lineburg stated. 

After the theme gets set in place,the decoration, photo booths and DJ planning follows. However, none of this would be possible without collecting the funds in advance.

The money collected from tickets contributes to the items needed for Prom. Spartan Assembly teacher Kathryn Buchter says the increased attendance meant more things to add. “The more students that come, the more decorations are purchased,” she said. “This year we added a second photo booth to Prom because we are close to 650 students in attendance. We are also having a concession stand available so that students can have a soda or water with their night,” Buchter said. 

It is important to so many kids to make the most of this special night, a high school tradition that will be remembered forever. The social committee put together this awaited night after months of planning and presented a fantastic celebration! 

Talking, dancing, singing, PVHS students made lifelong midnight memories at Pleasant Valley Prom 2023.