Spring sports struggle through long stretch of dreadful weather


Navaf Sharafudheen

Long patch of bad weather has lead to poor conditions for Spring Sports.

Owen Gannaway, Sports Editor

Spring season sports such as tennis, track and field and soccer start early in March, just as the weather begins to warm up and becomes tolerable enough to be outside. However, this was not the case this year. As March came around and spring sports began, the warmer weather did not, creating a tough environment for these athletes to play in.

These recent relentless conditions created by cruel weather have been far from ideal for tennis players for several reasons. “The weather this spring has had many different restrictions for us,” said sophomore Lauren Masengarb. “We haven’t been able to wear anything but pants and a sweatshirt due to the cold, the heavy winds make playing especially difficult to play, and most of all, due to the rain many practices have been canceled.” 

Similarly to tennis, track meets cannot even take place if the conditions are too cold or there is rain present. “This is easily the worst weather I have ever experienced in my four years of track,” said senior Ava Kwak. “The terrible conditions have made it hard to practice and compete with several meets having to be canceled including our own home meet. This is really upsetting because it was our senior night meet which we were all looking forward to.” Countless seniors like Kwak are disappointed to miss out on their final home meet and senior night, especially for something that is unfair and out of their control. 

Soccer is the most adaptable to the harsh conditions. It is still possible to play through the cold, wind and rain; however, it is considerably more difficult to play. “After an exceptionally cold winter I was really looking forward to warmer weather to kick off the soccer season, but unfortunately this weather has yet to come,” said senior defender Colin Meyer. “The constant cold, rainy and windy conditions have made playing immensely difficult and just overall unfavorable for soccer.”

Numerous athletes have been anticipating the start of spring sports and warmer weather. However, the latter has been a huge let down for the teams beginning their seasons and has created countless challenges. Spring athletes are meant to play their sports in warm conditions, so as their seasons progress, they can only hope for warmer days.