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Maddy Licea
Maddy Licea, captain of the Sparkles cheerleading team and member of Pleasant Valley’s successful tennis team, also spends her time modeling for the popular Moxie Design photography company to express her love of fashion. Licea loves politics and is a proud liberal and feminist and is not afraid to speak and advocate for what she believes in. She also loves pop-culture and of course her dogs Rizzo and Gunner. After high school, Licea will attend George Washington University in DC where she will pursue her passion for English by studying political communication and lobby for people with disabilities while pursuing a law degree. Throughout her college experience, she will continue to exercise, cool off with her iced coffee, and volunteer her time to help others. For her senior year at Pleasant Valley, Licea will be Editor-in-Chief for the Spartan Shield Online and Business Manager for the print Spartan Shield.

Maddy Licea, Editor in Chief

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Jan 11, 2019
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